Maharishi Central University (with no students)
20071 70th Road, Smith Center Kansas  66962
only 1 building completed and 1 resident for 15 years since 2008
Nothing of interest to young people.  An isolated genetic extinction center.
Draining money from the Fairfield breeding ground for a DNA death camp.
Buildings without people are a waste of money.  Maybe keep 1 or 2.  or KS.MP4

Fund raisers drain money from helping MIU and MSAE faculty and students.
No children will be happy there for long, depopulating the TM Movement.
1 or 2 buildings is sufficient for a presence at what was the center of the USA until 1958.
The land with unfinished buildings should be sold for $1.8 million to help Fairfield grow.,_Kansas

Population 1572 (in 2021, 1/6th of Fairfield Iowa's 9500)
475 miles or 7:19 hours drive from Fairfield   12.5 miles, 23 minutes by car

So far, only articles of derision and ridicule are in the press.  Not support of nature.

Washington Post: In Kansas Peace and Disharmony, Maharishi's Project  (Jun 11, 2006)

Cult Education Institute: Maharishi to build World Capital of Peace in Kansas (Apr 4, 2006)

Smith County transcendental meditation center stalls (Aug 9, 2010)
(they disrespectfully wrote Transcendental Medication in lower case)

Denver Post: Plan for mediation capital has Kansas farm town on edge  (Aug 12, 2006)
County Attorney Allen Shelton and 3 Commissioners passed a moratorium on land changes.
"Outpouring of anger"
“I never saw a group in my life with such screwed-up ideas,” said Don Yenne

Nearest Walmart is 83 miles or 1:23 hours drive away.  
140 E College Dr, Concordia, KS 66901

Closest airport ICT in Wichita, Kansas, 202 miles for 3:18 hours,+KS
Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, SouthWest, and United,+KS

Small airports

Google Street Views 30 miles from Brahmasthan to 1958 Geo Center/Lebanon

14 miles from Brahmasthan to Smith Center town  Geographic Center of 1958 Lebanon KS  Smith Center, 14 miles west



Smith Center is the closest town with stores

Smith County, KS Irrigated Organic Property Overview:

Acreage Breakdown:
Total Acres: 308 +/- acres
Tillable Acres: 256 +/- acres

Legal Description:
(5-2S-12W) To be determined via survey
(4-2S-12W) NW4 of the NW4

Printable Maps & Downloads:
Aerial Property Map (PDF)
Property Soil Map (PDF)

For more information contact:

Christy James Wiehl, Realtor®
( 4 8 0 ) 4 3 1 - 4 9 5 9


0 miles not worth the visit

Well known place if u are at nagpur. But trust me there is just nothing. We went all the way by metro to see this famous spot which really nice to know about. But what we see is just darkness. They haven't even kept single light on that spot which allows u to see the pillar n horses. Very disappointing place.

The "Brahmasthan of India" is  347 miles
(a 6:23 hour drive) from Nagpur Maharashtra, the geographic center.
Apparently, 347 miles was considered "close enough" for Sthapatya Veda.

If a 6:23 hour drive is close enough in India, then Fairfield is close enough to
Lebanon KS, a 6:50 hour drive, to be the Brahmasthan of the USA.


No kids will like this Childless TMer, retirement, Genetic Extinction Center, and DNA Death Camp
No one wants to live there except vegetables and their farmers.
Be skeptical of leaders who did not perpetuate their own family, much less yours.
They did not look beyond the present to the next generation enough to replicate themselves.
Don't donate unless you are willing to move there.
There are many more TM projects needing funding, such as Maharishi School in Fairfield.

Smith Center

The Center of the USA is Not In Kansas Anymore